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Since starting at the club on weekends (Peter Masen Table Tennis Academy) my game has picked up. Some very useful coaching sessions.


The coaches have identified my forehand as the big area which needs improvement. So have been doing some multi ball to try and pick this up. I find confidence this varies on how I am feeling in terms of confidence, Table Tennis is very much in the mind. Anyway, my grip, position and timing all need adjustment. Backhand is going great, but I dont want to rely on this because against the better players will target my forehand. 

Anyway, really enjoying the club. Met some nice people, everyone with a passion for Table Tennis.

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  • I have been playing Table Tennis since an early age. My father David was my inspiration and introduced me to the sport. He played at a high level, and never gave me much of a chance during our games at the local leisure center. I reckon I can beat him now. His strongest shot was the backhand flick, which ironically is now my favourite shot. I play at my local club, Peter Masen Table Tennis Academy in Maroubra.