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Learning curve at Club. Finding it hard to step up to next level, so am looking for answers.


Went to TT yesterday. Played ok, lost one singles 3-2 won the other 2-1. All very close. Was winning games fairly easily afew months back. Finding that my level has hit a peak, havnt been able to make next jump and consistently beat those players. When they face likes of boxing coach and big Steve they roll over. Boxing coach just chops everyone to death, but with patient and heavy smash when needed. Great to watch and learn. Yesterday I was chopping more than usual, only won points when I pulled out the back hand. One asked why I wasn’t flicking much, I didn’t even know myself. Mind thing? Unless very good at it, chopping is no good there. Get hammered. Forehand as usual goes hiding. I suppose, far more comfortable with it at work because the players and quality of shots coming back not as good. In order to improve I need to visit the club more often. Once a week is ok to maintain level, but these guys are good experienced players. Very tough to beat. Table Tennis is all about levels and consistency. I feel they can hold their games together better than me (at the moment) because of how frequently they play.

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  • I have been playing Table Tennis since an early age. My father David was my inspiration and introduced me to the sport. He played at a high level, and never gave me much of a chance during our games at the local leisure center. I reckon I can beat him now. His strongest shot was the backhand flick, which ironically is now my favourite shot. I play at my local club, Peter Masen Table Tennis Academy in Maroubra.