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Table Tennis Fight Club

Kings Cross, London, Londonderry

Table Tennis Fight Club (TTFC) is an exclusive club where existing members recommend other players, forming a select membership of high-level participants who meet in secret locations to train and ‘fight’. Having said that, the club’s weekly sessions are open to players of all levels, whether they are members or not.

New players who are not members are welcome to apply online. However, they must beat at least two current members for a chance to join the elite part of the club. All members must follow the rules of the fight club.

One way to bypass the application process is to attend a group session where non-members can practise with one another until they are spotted by a member. Some players reach the required standard through continuous training at these sessions.

The Friday, Saturday and Sunday sessions are coached by a full member and take place at our King’s Cross venue. The Wednesday night session is supervised by a member and takes place in Marylebone. If you do not want to take part in the group coaching, you can still play with a friend on a private table, but each of you will still have to book for the group session. Check the events calendar for more details including times, locations, and prices. There is no monthly or annual fee. It’s pay-as-you-go for everyone and tickets are cheaper if booked online. We also provide private coaching.

The club has two venues in central London: in Marylebone and King’s Cross.

Opening times

The uncoached group sessions take place in Marylebone on Wednesdays 7.50pm-9.50pm during term-time only. The coached group sessions are on Fridays 7pm-9pm (fortnightly), Saturdays 3pm-5pm, and Sundays 5pm-7pm. Check the events calendar for more details and to book online.

Pricing and membership

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER TO PLAY. Anyone can book a session. However, if you have been recruited by an existing member, email with the name of the person who put you forward and you will be invited to a free session. If you have not been recommended, click here to book a session. Or if you feel you already have the requisite playing level and personality, fill in our application form to be considered for an invitation. The committee will then assess your submission and decide whether you get invited to a session. To become a fully-fledged member, you will need to prove your worth by defeating two current full members in a best-of-five games playoff (this holds true whether you’ve been invited or recommended). You can challenge members at any official TTFC event and as many times as you like, provided the members agree.

Contact details

Contact: Secretary

Telephone: (0)20 7431 6536

How to find us


134 Chalton St, Kings Cross, London, Londonderry, NW1 1RX

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